Ranger Application Process

Due to the high interest in volunteering with the Black Rock Rangers, applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be accepted only until we meet our staffing needs. We encourage you to begin this process as soon as possible to avoid missing that window.

  1. Fill out a Volunteer Application 
    Check the Ranger box to let us know you’re interested and answer the questionnaire. Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email from our Volunteer Coordinators, informing you of the next steps.
  2. Upload an ID photo and review your information in the Clubhouse 
    Once you have been notified that your account has been created in the Ranger Secret Clubhouse (our web-based scheduling tool), log in and upload an appropriate photo of yourself to use for your Burning Man ID. Note that this photo can take several days to process. Then, make sure that all of your information (name, contact info, etc) is correct.
  3. Read the Ranger manual and complete the Manual Review
    If you have not yet read the Ranger manual, do this now. You can find the most recent Ranger manual in the right sidebar of this page. Once you’ve read the manual, log in to the Clubhouse to complete the Manual Review, which should take around 10 minutes. Please note that due to a limited number of spaces for prospective new Rangers, only the first 175 applicants to complete the Manual Review will have Alpha shifts slots reserved for them. We’ll stop processing applicants after the first 175 people have completed the Manual Review.
  4. Sign up for and attend a Ranger Training
    Ranger Training locations will be posted here starting in April. Once you’ve found a training near you, go to the Clubhouse to sign up. There are no walk-ins for trainings, so make sure you sign up in the Clubhouse.
  5. Sign up for your on-playa Alpha shift
    Once you’ve completed your training, you are considered an “Alpha” and can sign up for your Alpha shift in the Clubhouse.  Alpha shifts are conducted Saturday pre-event through Tuesday of the event. There are no walk-ins for this shift, so make sure you sign up in the Clubhouse. 
  6. Pass your on-playa Alpha shift
    The Alpha shift is a ten-hour shift, six of which will be spent walking with several experienced Ranger mentors and a group of other Alphas. During this shift, your mentors will evaluate if Rangering is a good fit for you and the event.
  7. Sign up for Ranger shifts
    If you’ve passed your Alpha shift—congratulations! You have graduated to Dirt Ranger. Please sign up for at least three Ranger shifts, so that you can experience the variety of ways that Rangers support Black Rock City.

Want more information?  See Ranger Application Process Frequently Asked Questions.

Please direct any questions about becoming a Black Rock Ranger to ranger-vc-list@burningman.org

Black Rock Ranger at HQ