Ranger Application Process

July 15, 2016: Our volunteer application process for the 2016 season is now closed.  Thank you for your interest in becoming a Ranger and we invite you to apply sometime in January for the the 2017 season.

  1. Fill out a Volunteer Application no later than the July 15 deadline.*
    Check the Ranger box to let us know you’re interested and answer the questionnaire. Once your application is accepted, you will receive email from our Volunteer Coordinators informing you of next steps.
  2. Upload an ID Photo and Sign-Up for a Ranger Training
    Once you are notified your account has been created in the Ranger Secret Clubhouse (our web-based scheduling tool) upload an appropriate photo of yourself as soon as possible. Rangers offer over 30 trainings across North America between May and the event. Once we confirm all the process stuff is complete, you are considered an “Alpha” and are able to sign up for your on-playa Alpha Mentoring shift in the Ranger Secret Clubhouse (our web-based scheduling tool) – after July 15. Note that you will not be able to sign up for a training until you have an approved photo in the Clubhouse and this can take several days to process.
  3. Pass Your On-Playa Mentoring
    Prospective Rangers walk a shift in the dirt with experienced Rangers to evaluate if Rangering is a fit for you and the event. On-playa Alpha shifts take about 10 hours and are conducted Saturday pre-event through Tuesday of the event. There are no walk-ins for Alpha shifts – you must be pre-registered in the Ranger Secret Clubhouse.
  4. Sign up for Ranger Shifts
    After passing Mentoring please sign up for at least three Ranger shifts so that you can experience the variety of ways that Rangers support Black Rock City.

* Please note that we have a limited number of spots for new Rangers. We will take applications until the July 15th deadline or until we have met our staffing needs for the year, whichever occurs first. Note that we cannot hold a spot for you unless you have fully completed the application process (i.e., filled out a Burner Profile and Volunteer Questionnaire, uploaded a photo, and signed up for training). Note that you do not have to have actually taken training by July 15, but you must have have signed up for a training by that date.

Want more information?  See the Ranger Application Process Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions about becoming a Black Rock Ranger: ranger-vc-list@burningman.com

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