Regional Ranger Organizations

On many occasions, the Black Rock Rangers have been approached by representatives of both Sanctioned Regional events as well as “burn-like” events wanting more information on what Rangers are and what they do.

To that end, we have created several documents.

1) The 11 Points of Rangering: Who are the Rangers, what do they do, and why do you want them at your event. Our intent is to present this to anyone interested (regional, special event, etc) as a general outline of how Rangers work. This document is in the spirit of the 10 Principles. Any organization who agrees to work within the loose guidelines would then have access to the documents below and additional support of the Regional Ranger reps.

2) The Regional Ranger Organization Operations Guide: This is not intended to be a directive of “Here’s how to run your Rangers”. It is more a general guide to lessons learned about staffing levels, equipment lists, and other information that may be useful to either brand new or existing Ranger organizations.

3) The Regional Ranger Training Guide is a pared down version of the Black Rock Ranger training guide with all of the Playa specific info removed for time and clarity. This will be geared toward training any Ranger for any event.

To get more information, please review the 11 Points of Rangering. If you agree that this is the way that you want your Ranger team to work at your event, please fill out the contact form linked on that document and we’ll be in touch.