Napa Campout

The address is 4185 Silverado Trail.
Easiest directions are Hwy 29 north of the City of Napa
Turn Right onto Oak Knoll Avenue (there is a light) (If you get to Yountville you have gone too far)
Follow Oak Knoll Ave East to Silverado Trail (there is a jog in the road at Big Ranch – go left/right)
Turn right (South) onto Silverado Trail and check your odometer. We are 1/2 mile south of Oak Knoll, on the right hand (west) side of the road.

We will have good signage.

NO DOGS (I already have too many as it is AND most outside dogs are not livestock friendly)

Dress in layers. It gets hot during the day and cool at night. It is often windy here around sunset.

Those staying over can bring LED or fire flow toys if they wish. We have a trampoline, slack line and loads of hoops for playing. A hot tub for soaking, a river for wading (or dipping if it gets really hot) It would be great if campers could bring their own towels.

We have LOTS of wine we are happy to share. There is a keg on tap, we have a beer fund jar should folks wish to help keep the keg full.

We have fantastic well water so there is no need for people to bring bottled water.

Anyone still on site by Monday will be put to work cleaning sheep pastures.