Training FAQ

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When and where are the trainings held?

See the Main Training page, which has a complete list.

Do I need to sign up for Training if I want to Ranger?

Yes! We need people to sign up in advance so we know how many people will be attending a given training. If you are already a Ranger or are a prospective Ranger that has already created a Secret Clubhouse account, sign up for training via the Secret Clubhouse (the Ranger scheduling tool) at

If you have not Rangered before please start the process with a Volunteer Profile. Make sure you check volunteer with “Rangers” and complete the questionnaire. After successfully completing the Volunteer Profile please go to the Clubhouse and choose “Create a new Clubhouse account.”

Can I just sit in on Training if I don’t want to become a Ranger?

Generally, yes. Subject to space availability, everyone is welcome to attend Ranger trainings. We do ask, however, that such “sit-ins” sign up for the training, so we can get an accurate headcount and know how many manuals to print, etc. (See above for info on how to do this.)

In rare cases where trainings are short on space or Trainers, first priority will be given to Rangers and prospective Rangers. In such cases, “sit-in”-type individuals may attend at the discretion of the Lead Trainer. Go to “Create a new Clubhouse account.” to sign up; you may skip the Volunteer Profile step.

What’s this I heard about a review of the Ranger Manual?

Please read the Ranger Manual before you come to training. If this is your first or second year, we’d also like you to spend a few minutes with the online Manual Review page so that we don’t have to spend your time reading important information to you at the training. ;) Veterans are invited to partake of the review as well.

Do I have to attend the full training?

If you have Rangered either zero or one years on the playa, you must take the full-day Ranger Training (9:45 am to 5 pm) once during the year.

If you have Rangered two or more years on the playa and are an active Ranger, you only need to attend the afternoon portion of the Training (1:30 pm to 5 pm) once during the year. In that case, though, we urge you to either show up at 10 am and take an ART module, or show up at 12:45 pm and have lunch with our less-dusty Rangers.

I’ve been away from the Rangers for a while. How do I get involved in volunteering again?

If you have not Rangered at Burning Man in the past 3 years, you must take the full training (10 am to 5 pm) once during the year.

If you have not Rangered at Burning Man in the past 5 years, in addition to taking the full training (10 am to 5 pm), you must also walk the dirt with a couple experienced Rangers assigned to you on-playa (referred as “Cheetahs”) . There will be an evaluation following your “Cheetah” shift to determine whether rangering is still a good fit. Once you are invited back into the Rangers you will be able to sign up for and work additional shifts.

What is an ART module?

ART stands for Advanced Ranger Training. ARTs are usually offered during the morning portion (10 am to 1 pm) of most trainings. Most ARTs are self – or group-paced, meaning that you and other interested veteran Rangers will take them on your own or in a group, at your own pace, without an instructor. An exception is the Green Dot Training, which is taught by a Green Dot trainer. (The Green Dot Training is distinct from the ART of Green FLAME, which is a self-paced/group-paced module.)

What ARTs are available?

Self or group study:

  • ART of Radio
  • ART of Conflict Resolution
  • ART of Ranger Shift Command Intern (RSCI)
  • ART of Operator
  • ART of Green FLAME. (This is a self/group-study ART intended for Dirt Rangers who want to expand their skills in dealing with distressed or disoriented participants. It will not qualify you to be a Green Dot.)


  • Green Dot Training —This is the actual Green Dot training; taking it is required if you want to become a Green Dot and sign up for Green Dot shifts.
  • On-playa ART of Radio — Get hands-on practice, tips, and tricks with real shift radios.

Is the ART of <Whatever> offered at the <Wherever> Training?

Self- or group-study ARTs are available at every training. The catch is that you have to bring your own copy of the ARTs to the trainings — preferably in electronic form, either on a laptop or tablet. Downloadable ARTs can be found on the right-hand column of the main Ranger website at Facilitated ARTs are only available when we have a facilitator at Ranger training, and are typically noted in the list of trainings. Please visit the ART Descriptions page for more details. Additional ARTs are in development, watch Allcom for news.

Can I take an ART if I’m an alpha or first-year Ranger?

If you have Rangered one year on the playa and have already satisfied your requirement to take the full-day Ranger training, you are welcome to take an ART. Naturally, this will mean that you will need to have shown up at one training to take the full-day training and then you can show up at some other training to take an ART module.

If you have not Rangered at all on playa (i.e., if you are an alpha), you are generally not eligible to take ART modules. The one exception to this is the facilitated ART of Radio session that is sometimes offered.