Allcom Mailing List Protocols

“You cannot build your reputation as a good ranger on Allcom and you CAN most certainly destroy it.

Ranger Longshot

Allcom is an off-topic email list provided by the Ranger Department for Rangers to get to know and learn from one another, keep in contact during the off-season, discuss issues of interest to the department as a whole, and maintain connection with this amazing thing we all get to do for one week a year in the desert.


Allcom Guidelines

  • Treat others nicely. Do not publicly castigate, chastise, defame, or ridicule any person, particularly any member of the Burning Man community. While debating and discussions are fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, or purposeless inflammatory posts. Remember: snark is okay, being a jerk isn’t.
  • If you have an issue with another Ranger, special team, a member of Ranger leadership, or anyone else in the department, DO NOT put it on Allcom. Try talking to them directly first. If you are unable or unwilling to resolve it with that person or team directly, email [email protected]. Never air dirty laundry on Allcom. It is not respectful of others on the list.
  • Be open, ask, and listen before firing off a retort. Using the list to engage in ongoing arguments isn’t any fun for anyone. Consider taking the dead-horse-beating sessions off list.
  • It’s always OK to engage a post’s author off-list (assuming it’s done in a polite and respectful manner!). You can often have a more productive conversation with someone when they don’t feel like they have to defend themselves in front of hundreds of their peers. You can always come back to Allcom with a mutually agreed-upon conclusion later.
  • Avoid posting rumors and refrain from presenting your opinions as facts. If you are not an expert in the field, and would like to make a point about the way something “is”, please back it up with data. If you’re posting an opinion, say so (“I think this…” or “It is my opinion that…”).
  • If you have a question about a policy, please email [email protected]. Council can post the response to general interest questions to Allcom. On the other hand, if you ask a policy question on Allcom, you will get five different answers, four of which will be wrong, and ten people who will remember every answer except for the right one.
  • Policies are not decided on Allcom. By all means, feel free to raise a question about whether a given policy is the “right” one, but please understand that raising an issue on Allcom does not mean that the policy is going to change. If you have a specific suggestion for a change to our policies, the place to email that is [email protected].
  • Similarly, if you have an issue you would like Council to address, please email [email protected]. Allcom is not a channel for being heard in an official way. Please DO NOT assume that just because you posted something on Allcom that the Ranger Council has (a) seen or (b) is considering or (c) is otherwise acting upon your posting.
  • Do not forward or copy/paste or otherwise distribute any material found on this mailing list. Some of the material may be sensitive in nature and not intended for public viewing.
  • Do not take a private email sent to you and put it on Allcom without the permission of the original sender. If you forward an email to the list, check to make sure you’re not accidentally including an ongoing private conversation thread below the message you are forwarding.

Best Practices

  • Use clear, well-considered subject lines when you post, so that others may choose whether or not they will read your topic. Try to keep the thread on topic to the original post. If a discussion begins to veer off topic, feel free to start a new topic with an updated subject line.
  • Include your radio handle at the beginning of the message, just like you’d announce yourself on the radio: state the person you’re addressing and then your name (e.g. “Allcom, [your handle]”). There are over 1300 Rangers on this list, and not everyone knows each other by email address!
  • Some recipients are receiving the digest version of our emails, and untrimmed messages can get ridiculously long and redundant. Be kind to these individuals who receive the digest: trim your posts when replying.
  • If you are going to post something that’s truly off-topic – like “Volunteers needed for Jungo Road Rave” – help other Rangers recognize it by putting ‘OT’ before your post’s title. Consider marking potentially triggering posts so as to avoid accidentally triggering others.
  • Soliciting Rangers to work at both sanctioned and non-sanctioned events is allowed on Allcom; take discussions about non-sanctioned event recruiting off list and keep Allcom posts about these events to announcements only.

Membership Eligibility

  • A Ranger is eligible to join Allcom once they have worked one year as a Black Rock Ranger on playa. Individuals who have left, who violate list guidelines, or who are no longer in good standing with the Ranger department are removed from the list.
  • New Rangers are added to the list after the completion of each year’s event.
  • To unsubscribe, send an email to [email protected].
  • To switch to digest mode or change other settings, go to and click My Settings > Membership and Email Settings
  • If you are having issues with your account, please contact [email protected].

The Fine Print

  • Ranger Mailing lists are provided as a resource by the Burning Man Organization, and as such are subject to Burning Man’s online protocols.
    Participation in this list constitutes agreement to these guidelines and Burning Man’s online protocols. Repeated incidents of un-Rangerly behavior or behavior that violates the list protocols may result in moderation, removal from Allcom, or other disciplinary measures.
  • There are moderators on the Ranger mailing lists. Though generally laissez-faire, the moderators will at times help remind participants of the protocols. The list may be put on moderation at the discretion of the Ranger Council.

A link to these policies and to the Burning Man Online Protocols is included in the footer of every Allcom email.

Questions about anything here? Please email [email protected].