Beach to Desert

In 1990, issues of hosting the event on the beach due to an upswell of attendance and lack of a permit interrupted the burn by park police. While the statue was allowed to be erected, organizers were denied to burn it. It was then disassembled and returned into storage. Unable to burn the elaborate sculpture at its current location, several members of the Cacophony Society (which includes John Law and Danger Ranger) who attended this event assisted in relocating the experience to a new spot near Gerlach, Nevada. During Labor Day weekend, the Cacophony Zone Trip #4 “Bad Day At Black Rock” reached the desert as a strange, new venue for the previous beach burn.

Three weeks prior to burning, Burning Man is vandalized — reduced to kindling by chain saws, the result of an accident. The figure is rebuilt in San Francisco with two hours to spare before being transported to desert and destroyed. Once the caravans arrive, Danger Ranger draws a line on the playa and instructs everyone to jump over it, stating that everything would be different on the other side.