PG&Easy (known as the Koi Pond by people associated with Camp Carp) is a warehouse in beautiful, sunny West Oakland.

Address: 3140 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA 94608

Mass Transit: MacArthur BART is about 1 mile away. 19th St BART is about 1.2 miles away. West Oakland BART is about 2 miles away. Busses are plentiful and frequent if you don’t feel like walking, and you can probably find someone to pick you up from BART if you ask around. Consider walking in pairs, and stick to the main streets.
Parking: Street parking is plentiful and free and reasonably safe during the day. However, please  be careful. Try to park on a main street like San Pablo or Market. Avoid leaving any possessions in plain sight in your vehicle
Food: There’s a liquor store right next door run by excellent people that deserve your business. There are a few greasy spoons nearby, and Emeryville is a five-minute drive away. But you should probably just bring food, or coordinate with others for a group meal. We have a large kitchen and a fridge and you are welcome to stash your food there.
Space: This space is entirely indoors and insulation is minimal. Ventilation is awesome, but it can get warm on sunny days.
Seating: Please bring a chair or two if possible, or a cushion. Preferably ones that are not playa dusty, but whatever.
Smoking: No smoking in the warehouse. You can smoke in front of the building. Please try to avoid smoke drifting back in through the front door or the giant rollup door.
Security: Many people will be coming and going all day, including some prospective Rangers that are not known to us. Please help us welcome all that should be there and discourage those that should not be there by keeping the front door closed as much as possible, and lock the door if you’re the last person coming back from a smoke break or food run.
Other: We have a cat. He will probably be kept in a bedroom, but if you’re allergic… take care.