Ranger Application Process FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions!

How do I become a Ranger?

Follow the Ranger Application Process.

I’m interested in becoming a Ranger but don’t have a ticket.  Is this a deal breaker?

No, not at all!  If you are interested in becoming a Ranger, you can still go through the application process even if you don’t have a ticket.  Hopefully things go your way and a ticket ends up in your lap, maybe via the OMG sale or friends or whatever — long-time Burners know that ticketing moves in mysterious ways.

You will, of course, need a ticket to actually get into the event and do your on-playa Alpha shift.  But that shouldn’t stop you from applying to be a Ranger if you’re interested.

I’m interested in becoming a Ranger but don’t have a ticket.  Will you guys give me or sell me one?

Nope, sorry.  While we do make tickets available to returning Rangers who work enough hours on playa, this is not something we can offer to prospective volunteers.

What’s the time commitment to be a Ranger?

We’d love it if every every Ranger worked at least three shifts (a shift is about 6-7 hours) on playa each year — preferably at least one or two of them later in the week or on the burn weekend, which is when we need the most Rangers and the city is rocking hardest.

Fundamentally, though, it’s up to you — it’s a volunteer gig.  We have some Rangers who work a single shift every year, and we have others who work 100+ hours during the event.  We’re grateful for whatever time you’d like to give to us.

Apparently I need to fill out a Volunteer Questionnaire to volunteer with you?

Yes, that’s the first step of the Ranger Application Process.

I’ve heard I need to take a training to become a Ranger?

That’s true, Rangers take training every year, and it’s another part of the application process. Here’s where you find info on available trainings. 

I have other questions that aren’t answered here.  Who should I talk to?

Please email our Volunteer Coordinators at [email protected]org.