Howzit HQ

Welcome to the June 4th Ranger Training located at Howzit, 1806 Tobi Court, Concord, CA 94521

Phone number 925 682 3934. This is another Leave-No-Trace training.

A Few House Rules

Got a Dog? Good for you, but leave it at home. We have a pack of four Springer Spaniels (as well as 2 cats) and we all wish to not have any confrontations or additional dog exhausts to clean up. We will try to keep our walk ways clear but we never know when our dogs will lay one or two of their dog mines.

Bring a chair if you can. For you smokers, If you smoke in the house, you had better be on FIRE!!! There will be a designated outdoor smoking area, and please do not leave cigarette butts lying around. Ashtrays will be provided.

Bring a lunch or better yet something to share. Pot luck is always a good thing. We will do our part to provide food to share as well. You can email 2Wilde at mba2wilde(at)yahoo(dot)com get a feel on what is needed or already being provided by others to share. We have two Barbeques so feel free to use them.

BYOB. And plan to drive responsibly. Those of you who are local, please plan to drive home. For those of you coming from a significant distance, we can accommodate some overnight. You will need to bring a sleeping bag if you plan to stay.

We are on a septic system so please do not flush feminine products.

I have musical instruments which you are welcome to play but please ask first. Ok?

Want to use our hot tub? Cool! Bring a towel.

Be respectful of our Neighbors and please do not block their driveways.

For those who do not have a vehicle use Allcom to arrange for a ride share or a pick-up at the Concord BART station.


LongPig and 2Wilde