Early Arrival Staff Training

If you have Early Arrival and have not had your required Ranger Training, you may opt to attend the EA training sessions the week before the gate opens. DO NOT request early arrival through the Ranger department solely to attend training. You must be on playa as part of a working team on these dates.

They are being held at Ranger HQ (about 1:00 on the Center Camp Circle on the Esplanade side) on Tue (8/23) and Wed (8/24) from 1900 to 2200. Chairs will be provided. There is water available and portos are close.

If you are a new Ranger (0 or 1 years) you must attend both days in order for the training to qualify you to work as a Ranger this year.

If you are a veteran (2 or more years as a Ranger), you may elect to attend only the second day (afternoon session).

If you’re just curious to see what Rangers do, come by the first evening where we will cover some history and general scope of operations. You can elect to stick around for the full training or not at that point.