Training FAQ

Smiling Black Rock Ranger

When and where are the trainings held?

Training sessions for 2019 will be posted scheduled between March and June.  The Main Training page will be updated as trainings are scheduled. 2019 locations are likely to be very similar to 2018, which included: Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, London, Seattle, Portland, Grantsville, Denver, San Francisco, Oakland, Napa, Los Gatos, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, San Diego, Reno, Austin, Phoenix, Juplaya, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Brooklyn, New York City, Boston, Darlington, and at the Burning Man event.

I trained last year. Do I need to attend training again?

Yes! Rangers must take training every year that they intend to Ranger.

Do I need to sign up for Training if I want to Ranger?

Yes — we need people to sign up in advance so we know how many people will be attending a given training.

If you are already a Ranger or are a prospective Ranger that has already created a Secret Clubhouse account, sign up for training via the Secret Clubhouse (the Ranger scheduling tool) at

If you have not Rangered before, please follow the process described on this page.

Can I just sit in on Training if I don’t want to become a Ranger?

Yes, if space permits, but you’ll need to sign up first. Please visit this page for info on how to do so.

Please be advised that the Black Rock Ranger Training  is a full day of learning intended for people who have been to Burning Man at least once already. The training is not a great forum to figure out what Burning Man is and how it works for the first time .

Do I need to attend the full training?

If you have Rangered either zero or one years on the playa, you must take the full-day Black Rock Ranger Training (9:45 am to 5 pm) once during the year.

If you have Rangered two or more years on the playa and are an active Ranger, you only need to attend the afternoon portion of the Training (1:30 pm to 5 pm) once during the year. In that case, though, we urge you to either show up at 9:45 am and take an ART module, or show up at 12:45 pm and have lunch with our less-dusty Rangers.

If you are a returning Ranger, but have not Rangered at Burning Man in over 3 years, see below for info on how to get involved again.

I don’t see a training near me. What do I do?

Be patient, not all of the trainings are posted at once, but rather they trickle in over the first couple of months of  the training season, March-August. Most trainings are posted by mid to late June, except for the on-playa trainings, so if you haven’t seen anything near you by then, you should plan on attending the on playa trainings.

I missed or was unable to attend my local training.

The on-playa trainings are held specifically to accommodate those Rangers and potential Rangers who, through circumstances beyond their control, were unable to get to their local training. This is the primary reason the on-playa trainings are not posted until later in the season.

There isn’t a Ranger Training anywhere near me!

The on-playa trainings are held specifically to accommodate those Rangers and potential Rangers for whom there isn’t a local training. This is the primary reason the on-playa trainings are not posted until later in the season, be patient. If you have questions, email the Training Academy.

I’ve been away from the Rangers for a while. How do I get involved in volunteering again?

If you have not Rangered at Burning Man in the past 3 or 4 years, you must take the full training (10 am to 5 pm) the year you intend to come back.

If you have not Rangered at Burning Man in the past 5 years, in addition to taking the full training (10 am to 5 pm), you must also walk the dirt with a couple experienced Rangers assigned to you on-playa (referred as “Cheetahs”) . There will be an evaluation following your “Cheetah” shift to determine whether Rangering is still a good fit. Once you are invited back into the Rangers you will be able to sign up for and work additional shifts.

What’s this I heard about a review of the Ranger Manual?

When you go to sign up for training, you will get a message asking you to complete the online Manual Review. The review takes between 15-60 minutes to complete (depending on how fresh the material is in your mind!) and is there so that we can spend the training day on exercises and scenarios, rather than reading to you from manual.

What is an ART module?

ART stands for Advanced Ranger Training.  Most ARTs are self-paced, meaning that you and other interested veteran Rangers will take them on your own or in a group, at your own pace, without an instructor. These ARTs are available in the right sidebar of the Ranger website, and you can take them at any time (including outside of training).

Some ARTs, such as Green Dot, Intercept, and Tow Truck are “facilitated,” meaning they are led by a Ranger facilitator, and frequently involve special equipment, e.g. a tow truck. Facilitated ARTs are frequently offered during the morning portion (10 am to 1 pm) of Ranger trainings. They can also be stand-alone trainings.

Do I need to sign up for Facilitated ART at a Training?

We are starting to have sign-ups in the Clubhouse for facilitated ARTs. Sandman and Green Dot ARTs now have Clubhouse sign-ups. Other facilitated ARTs do not currently require sign-up.

Prospective and first year Rangers must attend both the morning and the afternoon portions of the training, and thus cannot take a facilitated ART that’s held on the same day as their training. They are, however, welcome to come to another session where this ART is offered and take it there.

What ARTs are available?

Self or group study:

  • ART of Art Car Wrangling
  • ART of Feedback
  • ART of Operator
  • ART of Green FLAME. (This is a self/group-study ART intended for Dirt Rangers who want to expand their skills in dealing with distressed or disoriented participants. It will not qualify you to be a Green Dot.)
  • ART of Radio
  • ART of Ranger Shift Command Intern (RSCI)


  • Green Dot ART —This is the actual facilitated Green Dot ART; taking it is required if you want to become a Green Dot and sign up for Green Dot shifts.
  • Facilitated ART of Radio — Get hands-on practice, tips, and tricks with real shift radios.
  • ART of Intercept
  • ART of Hot Springs Patrol (On playa only)
  • ART of Tow Truck
  • ART of Sandman

Is the ART of <Whatever> offered at the <Wherever> Training?

Self- or group-study ARTs can be found on the right-hand column of the main Ranger website. Facilitated ARTs are only available when we have a facilitator at Ranger training, and are typically noted in the list of trainings. Additional ARTs are constantly in development; watch Ranger Announce for news.