ART Descriptions

ART of Ranger Shift Command Intern (RSCI)

Ever wondered about what’s happening behind the curtain when you call Khaki?  Significantly revised for 2012, in this module you’ll be introduced to what the Ranger Shift Command team does, how it’s structured, and you’ll get a chance to practice a number of relevant skills and try your hand at some challenging and fun exercises.  Although this ART is targeted at those interested in participating in the Ranger Shift Command Intern (RSCI) program, we hope it will also be helpful to Dirt Rangers who are just Khaki Curious.  (The fine print: This ART is mandatory for those interested in becoming a Ranger Shift Command Intern.  Taking this ART does not mean you have to become a RSCI, nor does it guarantee you will become a RSCI.  Third-year Rangers, please be advised that though you are eligible to take thisART, the number of RSC Intern spaces is limited on playa due to numbers of actual shifts. Consideration for becoming a RSCI is given first to those with more years of experience and as such you may be asked to take the ART of RSCI again the next year if there are more vintage Rangers taking the program.  Void where prohibited, some exceptions apply, does not include tax and license fees; stop taking this ART at once if redness or chafing occurs. Contact your doctor if this ART lasts longer than 4 hours.)

ART of Conflict Resolution

New for 2012, this ART takes FLAME to a new level.  Beginning where our basic Ranger training left off, you’ll get a chance to read about and work through some interesting listening and mediation exercises and to think about and discuss various approaches to conflict resolution. The ART poses deeper level questions that accompany the FLAME acronym and tips for increasing your situational awareness.

ART of Radio

Introduced last year, this ART was a big hit for those interested in improving their radio skills.  It features recorded radio traffic from the 2010 event for you to listen to and discuss, it includes plenty of tips for improving your comms, it offers an opportunity to practice making radio calls with your fellow Rangers, and it provides thought-provoking scenarios to help sharpen your radio-fu.  We hope it will be a fun way to improve your use of one of our most important tools.

Facilitated ART of Green Dot

In this ART we will walk through procedures for Green Dot calls while serving as part of the larger ranger shift, both in the field as Dirt Rangers and in Sanctuary. We will discuss how to maintain a grounded presence even under duress, incredulity, or boredom, and how to communicate that ability to be grounded with those who are under emotional stress. We will also share hot button issues and scenarios and discuss how they might be solved or dealt with. ThisART is not just for those who want to serve as Green Dots – the material will give any Ranger the skills to recognize and deal with any call that has difficult emotional issues.

Facilitated ART of Captain Hook

In this ART we will walk through procedures for operating Captain Hook, the Ranger tow truck. Training is required for both new and returning tow truck operators. New drivers must attend a training, and complete at least 2 six hour mentor shifts, then successfully complete a skills demonstration before signing up for Tow Truck Operator shifts. Returning Drivers must attend a training.