Black Rock Rangers at the TempleAll Black Rock Rangers and prospective Rangers go through a required annual training session in order to Ranger on playa that year. Prior to signing up for a training all prospective and current Rangers must successfully pass an online review.

Ranger training consists of lectures, discussions, activities, and scenarios covering topics such as communications, conflict resolution, radio usage, and other skills that will give you the basics you’ll need to be a Ranger. Training sessions are offered across the United States and Canada across 30+ locations between May and August.

New or Prospective Rangers: If you have never Rangered before, or have Rangered only one year on playa, you will need to take the full day training.

Veteran Ranger (i.e., Rangered two or more years on playa): You will need to attend the afternoon portion of the training.

Auditors: If you are interested in sitting on on a Black Rock Ranger Training, but don’t want to become a Ranger this year, please see our Auditing page.

Training logistics: You must sign up for training prior to attending—no walk-ins! Please arrive 20-30 minutes early so you’re ready to go. We especially encourage veterans to show up early so they can have lunch with newer Rangers. Please do not schedule something else for 5 pm, in case the training runs late. Be prepared to stay later for impromptu get-togethers, BBQs, etc. If you can’t make the whole training, you will need to plan to attend another one. Please do not sign up for more than one Ranger training per year.

Make sure to bring a notebook, a pen or pencil, lunch, water, snacks, chairs, and whatever else you’ll need to be comfortable in that particular location.

If your Ranger training is held at a regional or other special event, expect to be responsible for obtaining a ticket to get into that event in order to participate in training, unless you are told otherwise by the event or training organizer.

If you need special accommodations at a Ranger training (e.g., ASL interpretation, wheelchair access, etc.),  please contact the Ranger Training Academy at

If you are eligible and wish to attend a Facilitated ART, there is no need to sign up. Simply show up at the appropriate date and time. Facilitated ARTs offered as stand-alone events are listed below.

2017 Ranger Trainings

(remember to sign up in the Clubhouse before attending)

MonthDateDayLocationEvent or AddressLocal Contact
May27Sat.Calgary, AB. CanadaPrivate ResidenceMartin_Jay
May20Sat.Reno, NVMorris Burner HotelGemini
June10Sat.San Francisco, CABurning Man HQ
• Facilitated ART of Green Dot
June10Sat.Depew, OKObliviumTapestry
June10Sat.Salt Lake City, UTCity Creek Canyon Nature Preserve Pavilion # 30Genius
June10Sat.Vancouver, BCPrivate ResidenceLeeway
June11Sun.San Francisco, CABurning Man HQ
June17Sat.Seattle, WAPrivate Residence
• Facilitated ART of Green Dot
June17Sat.Bend, ORPrivate Residence
• Facilitated ART of Sandman (10:00am-1:00pm)
June17Sat.Montreal, QC. CanadaPrivate Residence
June17Sat.Los Angeles, CAPrivate Residence
• Facilitated ART of Green Dot
June24-25Sat./Sun.Napa, CAWeekend Campout
Private Residence
• Facilitated ART of Captain Hook
• Facilitated ART of Sandman (Sunday 6/25, 10:00am-1:00pm)
June24Sat.Seattle, WAPrivate Residence
• Facilitated ART of Green Dot
June24Sat.Phoenix, AZPrivate Residence
June24Sat.Somerville, MAPrivate Residence
June29Thu.Darlington, MDPEX Sumerfest
• Facilitated ART of Green Dot
July1Sat.Black Rock Desert, NVRendezvous Point
·Facilitated ART of Captain Hook
July8Sat.Davis, CAPrivate ResidenceFuzzy
July8Sat.Austin, TXPrivate ResidenceXtevan
July15Sat.Indianapolis, INPrivate Residence
July15Sat.Seattle, WAPrivate Residence
• Facilitated ART of Green Dot
July16Sun.San Francisco, CABurning Man HQ
July22-23Sat./Sun.Los Gatos, CAWeekend Campout
Private Residence
• Facilitated ART of Green Dot
(Saturday 7/22, 10:00am-1:00pm)
• Facilitated ART of Sandman (Sunday 7/23, 9:00am-12:00pm)
July22Sat.Denver, COPrivate Residence
July23Sun.Portland, ORPrivate Residence
• Facilitated ART of Sandman (10:00am-1:00pm)
August5Sat.San Francisco, CABurning Man HQ
August6Sun.San Francisco, CABurning Man HQ

2017 Trainings Still in the Planning Stages

LocationMonth (if available)
Chicago, IL
Atlanta, GA
Pre-event on-playa evening trainingAugust
Ranger Outpost BerlinAugust
Ranger Outpost TokyoAugust

Stand-alone Facilitated ARTs for 2017

Facilitated ARTs do not require signing up, simply attend the ART. Many Facilitated ARTs require a certain number of years of service before you can attend. Please contact the specific Cadre or Local Contact below and ask, before you attend an ART.

MonthDateDay LocationEvent or AddressLocal Contact
June25Sun.10:00amPrivate ResidenceNapa Campout
• Facilitated ART of Sandman
July1Sat.9:30amBlack Rock DesertJuplaya
• Facilitated ART of Captain Hook
July23Sun.9:00amPrivate ResidenceLos Gatos Campout
• Facilitated ART of Sandman
August31Thu.8:15amDPW Depot• Facilitated ART of Sandman (8:15am-11:30am)Lodestone

For additional questions about Ranger Training, please see the Training FAQ page.

If you have questions about the process of becoming a Rangers, check out the Application Process page. For general questions about volunteering with the Rangers, please contact