Black Rock Rangers at the Temple
All Black Rock Rangers and prospective Rangers go through a mandatory training session once each year. These trainings are offered on various weekends at about 30 locations across the United States and Canada between May and August. Trainings consist of a combination of lectures, discussions, activities, and scenarios covering topics such as communications, conflict resolution, radio usage, and other skills that will give you the basics you’ll need to be a Ranger.

If you have never Rangered before, or have Rangered only one year on playa, you will need to take the full training, which lasts from 10 am to 5 pm. If you are a veteran Ranger (i.e., you’ve Rangered two or more years on playa) you will need to attend just the afternoon session, which begins at 1:30 pm. We start promptly at 10 am (1:30 pm for veterans) so please arrive 20-30 minutes early so you’re ready to go. We especially encourage veterans to show up early so they can have lunch with newer Rangers.

Please bring lunch, water and snacks, chairs, and whatever else you’ll need to be comfortable. You’ll also need to bring a pencil or pen and a notebook or paper. Be prepared to stay later for impromptu get togethers, BBQ’s, etc. Please do not schedule something else for 5 pm, in case the training runs late. If you can’t make the whole training, you will need to plan to attend another one! Please do not sign up for more than one Ranger training per year.

If you are interested in auditing a Black Rock Ranger Training or have additional questions about Ranger Trainings  Please see the Training FAQ page.

If you need special accommodations at any Ranger training (i.e., ASL interpretation, wheelchair access, etc.), please contact the Ranger Training Academy at

Additional training location information becomes available when registering for a training.

Training sessions and Facilitated ARTs
for 2016 have concluded.
Please check back in March of 2017.

You do NOT need to sign-up for the ART sessions, simply show up at the appropriate date and location and be prompt as these are practical trainings and require your full participation. Many of the ARTs have specific “time as a Ranger” requirements, typically this is at least one year. Please check with the contact to make sure you are eligible for the ART before the day of the session.

Please note: If attending a Ranger training at a regional event, it is an expectation that you have a ticket for that event in order to participate in training at the event unless otherwise noted.

If you are not sure how the process works, check out the info on Becoming a Ranger

If you’re new to the process, the Volunteer Coordinators may be reached at:

Please direct all training related questions to: