Ranger Training and Resources

All Black Rock Rangers and prospective Rangers go through a required annual training session in order to Ranger on playa that year.

Ranger Training consists of an online course covering lectures, reading, assessments, and a face to face practical portion which includes brief lectures, discussions, activities, and scenarios. The training as a whole covers topics such as communications, conflict resolution, radio usage, and other skills that will give you the basics you’ll need to be a Ranger. Training sessions are offered across the North American and Europe at 40+ locations, typically between May and August.

Prospective Rangers, Rangers who have only Rangered on playa for one year, or Inactive or Retired Rangers: You will need to take the Online Training Course and the full day Face-to-Face Training.

Active Rangers who have Rangered on playa for two or more years: You will need to take the online course and attend a portion of the Face-to-Face Training, though you’re welcome to come to the whole thing.

Auditors: If you are interested in sitting in on a Black Rock Ranger Training, but DO NOT INTEND TO BECOME A RANGER this year, please see our Auditing page.

Accommodations: If you need special accommodations at a Ranger Training (e.g., ASL interpretation, wheelchair access, etc.),  please contact the Ranger Training Academy at [email protected].

Training logistics: After you have successfully completed the Online Training Course you will be able to register the face to face training. Registration for the Face to Face training is required, WALK-INS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early so you’re ready to go. We especially encourage veterans to show up early so they can meet and greet with newer Rangers. Training is scheduled to end at 4:30pm, however, please do not schedule something else for 5 pm, in case the training runs late. Be prepared to stay later for impromptu get-togethers, BBQs, etc.

  • Make sure to bring a notebook, a pen or pencil, lunch, water, snacks, chairs, and whatever else you’ll need to be comfortable in that particular location.
  • If your Ranger training is held at a regional or other special event, expect to be responsible for obtaining a ticket to get into that event in order to participate in training, unless you are told otherwise by the event or training organizer.
  • The Lead Trainer will email everyone signed up for the Training all necessary logistical details, such as the address of the Training, about a week prior to the Training. You can contact the Lead Trainer for specifics if you need this information prior to that point.

For additional questions about Ranger Training, please see the Training FAQ page.

2022 Ranger Trainings

Once you have successfully completed the Black Rock Ranger Online Training Course you will be able to register for a Face to Face Training. Information about 2022 Black Rock Ranger Training will be posted on this page as trainings are scheduled, typically around April each year. Details and all questions about the specific face to face trainings should be directed to the Training Contact for the specific training who is listed in the Ranger Secret Clubhouse.

If you have questions about the process of becoming a Rangers, check out the Application Process page. For general questions about volunteering with the Rangers, please contact [email protected].

Advanced Ranger Training (A.R.T.) and Specialized Guides

Document NameDate
Art Car Wrangling2018
Green Dot2016
Ranger Shift Command Intern (RSCI)2018
Burn Perimeter Briefing2019
Intercept Training Guide2018