Sunset over playa with Ranger looking away from camera

Black Rock Rangers

Riding the edge of chaos since 1992

What Rangers Do

Black Rock Rangers are participants who volunteer a portion of their time at Burning Man in service of the safety and well-being of the Burning Man community. Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators, providers of reliable information, facilitators of public safety, and navigators of the edge of chaos.

Day or night, pairs of Rangers can be found walking and bicycling the streets of Black Rock City, engaging with the community, enjoying the art, and are always ready to help sort things out.

Conflict Resolution

Using non-confrontational communication and mediation skills, Rangers help Participants in solving their problems.

Problem Solving

Rangers creatively navigate challenges, helping to make Burning Man a safe and inclusive environment for all participants.


Rangers educate Black Rock City’s citizens on the 10 Principles, help participants navigate the city, and connect them to needed resources.

Emergency Response

Acting as first responders, Rangers swiftly identify emergencies and dispatch the necessary resources.