Auditing a Ranger Training

Juplaya Training

There are reasons you might want to participate in a Black Rock Rangers training even if you don’t intend to become a Ranger in Black Rock City this year, or at all:

  • Perhaps you volunteer as a Ranger for a regional Burn and your regional requires you to take Black Rock Ranger training each year.
  • Maybe you’re involved with a theme camp and would like to expand your conflict resolution and mediation skills.
  • Or maybe you’re interested in exploring what Rangers do, but don’t think you’re interested in becoming a Ranger on playa.

Whatever your reason, you are most welcome to audit a Ranger training! 

In order to participate, know the following:

  1. Be aware you cannot just show up, and there are no walk-in slots. Our In-Person Training is predicated on taking an Online Course which can only be accessed through the Ranger Secret Clubhouse. All attendees of the In-Person Training must be signed up in advance.
  2. To sign up for training, go here and fill out the form to create an account on the Ranger “Secret Clubhouse”, which is our scheduling system. Then log in to your Secret Clubhouse account and schedule a training. General information about In-Person Training is posted here; this list is updated throughout the training season (May-August) so check back if you don’t see a training near you.
  3. Priority will be given to returning Rangers and prospective new volunteers. In the event that a training is full, we may bump you to another training. This happens very rarely, and we’re sorry when it does, but we ask for your understanding here.
  4. In 2023, COVID safety protocols may vary by training location and will be enforced by the hosts. Whatever the protocols may be, they will be no less stringent than the applicable protocols enforced by federal, state, or local governments.

If you have questions about training please contact  If you have questions about volunteering with the Rangers please contact