Ranger Self Quiz

the black rock desert

Are you a good fit for the Rangers and is Rangering a good fit for you?

Take this self quiz and find out!

  • Do you enjoy helping people while strolling the city, checking out art, and interacting with other participants?
  • Are you looking for a reason to engage with diverse aspects of our community?
  • Are you the person that your camp or your friends turn to when in need?
  • Do you want to contribute more to the well-being of the community?
  • Would your friends describe you as responsible and reliable?
  • Are you at your best when dealing with the unexpected?

Rangering may be a good choice if you answered “yes” to these questions…

  • Do you have to ask where the Portapotties or Center Camp are located?
  • Do you like telling people what to do?
  • Do you think Burning Man needs more control?
  • Do you believe that respect comes from a uniform or other trappings of authority?
  • Do you find it hard to be sober at Burning Man for more than eight hours?
  • Do you have a put-down ready for any situation?

Rangering probably isn’t for you if you answer “yes” to these kinda scary questions…

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Questions? rangers@burningman.com