Ranger Teams

Specialized Ranger Teams

Black Rock Rangers at the Temple

Various operational teams within the Ranger Organization support specialized aspects of the Ranger mission and department. The following is a list of specialized areas that Ranger volunteers can participate in after they’ve volunteered with the department for one year (or longer, depending on the special team).

Burn Safety

The Burn Safety Team coordinates all Ranger functions that have to do with art safety for things that burn. This includes perimeter Rangers for burns, Sandmen and Art Car Wrangling. They are also the interface to the rest of Burning Man for issues related to the burning of art, including the Fire Art Safety Team and ESD. It probably wasn’t on fire when we got there, but will be before we are done.

Green Dots

Green Dots are Rangers who specialize in helping participants through situations that have a strong emotional or internal component. Green Dots are, first and foremost, patient listeners who seek to hold space for participants undergoing inner transformation or experiencing internal or emotional distress.


Intercept addresses vehicle safety concerns within Black Rock City, primarily on the inner playa, and provides additional Ranger coverage in the inner and deep playa during the night.

Law Enforcement Agency Liaison (LEAL)

LEAL Team members work with law enforcement and agency personnel to attain the best possible alignment between the needs of the Burning Man Project and the citizens of Black Rock City.


These Rangers attend to Ranger infrastructure and support needs before the event, during the event, and after the event. The Logistics Team is made up of three components:

  • Echelon HQ Team – The Echelon HQ Team serves many vital functions, including working in the HQ Office to provide event and shift check-in & check-out, HQ operations, scheduling, database updates, reporting, and a fair amount of Rangering from the window.
  • Echelon SITE Team – Responsible for marshaling people and other resources from within the Ranger department (as well as other Burning Man depts) to ensure that the physical plots of Ranger HQ and the Outposts are built, operate properly during the event, and then disappear into the dust (well, back into the containers) after the event, leaving no trace that the Rangers were there.
  • Echelon Field Team – The Field Team provides a broad range of logistics support to the Rangers including, but certainly not limited to: transport, carpentry, mechanical, procuring and delivering water, fuel, supplies, box meals, meal tickets, coffee delivery to stationary posts, etc.

Ranger Mentors

The final step in the road to becoming a Ranger is in the hands of the Ranger Mentors, who are responsible for coaching, assessing, and selecting new Black Rock Rangers. Ranger Mentors are chosen because they are experienced Rangers who have demonstrated the characteristics and attributes that define the essence and diversity of Black Rock Rangers. Mentors evaluate prospective Rangers for those same skills before bestowing the khaki shirt and hat that identifies a Dirt Ranger.

Officers of the Day (OOD)

The Ranger Officers Of the Day (OODs) are experienced Rangers who advise the Shift Command Team on complex issues and keep the Operations Managers informed of relevant information during the event. OODs have 24 hour-long shifts and are responsible for understanding the larger context of Ranger operations on that day and making sure the operations of the Rangers as a whole stay consistent.

Rapid Night Response (RNR)

Rapid Night Response is a bicycle-mobile team that specializes in getting qualified Rangers to serious situations fast, amidst the challenging and complex night-time environment that is Black Rock City.

Shift Command

Shift Leads support Rangers on shift. They secure resources and communicate with other departments to ensure timely response to incidents. They manage the Rangers’ radio channels and offer face-to-face advice to Rangers in the field.

Tech Team

The Tech Team supports Ranger technical needs, on and off playa.

Ranger Training Team

The Black Rock Ranger training team develops a curriculum designed to provide new and veteran Rangers key skills in communications and conflict resolution. Ranger trainings are taught at over 30 locations throughout the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and, the U.K.

Volunteer Coordinators

Our Volunteer Coordinators try to ensure that individual Ranger’s needs are being met and that Rangering continues to be a rewarding activity. They are usually the first people that applicants come into contact with, and they are always available to veterans with ideas and concerns.