Regional Ranger Organizations

On many occasions, the Black Rock Rangers have been approached by representatives of both Sanctioned Regional events as well as “burn-like” events wanting more information on what Rangers are and what they do.

The Regional Ranger Network

The Regional Ranger Network is a coalition of Regional Ranger Leadership, including Black Rock Rangers. They provide peer-support and materials for the formation, training, and growth of Regional Ranger teams. The group also facilitates Regional Rangers attending events across regions. The group is global and has a number of working committees.

Members of the Regional Ranger Network will receive access to Black Rock Ranger and other Regional Ranger Organization documents, such as the Regional Ranger Organization Operations Guide and the Regional Ranger Training Guide.

How to join

Each Regional Ranger organization can have two members on the list.  These might be the current event lead and someone who might someday succeed them, or two appointees from a more established group with an established Regional Ranger council. If you are a Regional Ranger lead and are interested in joining, fill out this form to be added to the mailing list.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]