What Do Rangers Do?

Rangers rise from the dust when they’re needed and recede when they’re done.”

Responsibilities and Duties

Among their many duties, Rangers:

  • Provide outreach and education to help Burners acculturate to Burning Man
  • Act as an information resource to the community
  • Respond to emergencies and help get the appropriate resources to the scene
  • Reunite lost children with their families
  • Help disoriented participants get back to their campmates
  • Listen to participants who are having a particularly rough day
  • Facilitate problem solving, mediation, and conflict resolution (without telling people what to do)
  • Build rapport with fellow Burners as participants and integral members of the community
Ranger at a fire perimeter

Rangers come from all parts of the Burning Man community and share a common desire to ensure its continued well being.

Think Rangering might be for you? Want to expand your mediation and problem solving skills as a leader in the community?

Learn how to become a Black Rock Ranger.

All Rangers are “Dirt Rangers,” meaning that they wander the city and are available to help participants who need assistance. Rangers also have a number of specialized teams that handle specific kinds of situations. Learn more about the Ranger Organization.